By Lars Norlin
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The Amateur Days - Intro 16 Aug 2023 62,000 at the Stadium 1912
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Christ Church Rangers FC 12 Jan 2023 Should Have Been London Football Map
The Origin & St Jude's Institute 16 Aug 2023 QPR Extended Badges
The Complicated Merger Issue 16 Aug 2023  
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Intro: Preface and an Update Log chapter further down.

This is the oldest match photo of QPR. It’s a away game against Richmond Association FC on 24 September 1898 where Rangers' Sammy Brocks was sent off, followed by £4 fine and 14 day home ground ban for the club, The punishment became the first step towards professionalism. QPR played in those days with green-white-striped shirts and green shorts. Richmond in blue and white halves. The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News, October 1 1898, British Newspaper Archive. Image © Illustrated London Newsgroup

QPR The Amateur Days

is a fact collection of Queen’s Park Rangers' amateur days between 1882 and 1898. The site has no connection to the club and is ideally run by Lars Norlin. For comments please send an email.

The sources are mostly contemporary newspaper notices from the London area. It's information that comes from the club itself, probably written by the club secretary. These notices therefore have very high credibility for the historical description. I will confront this information with corresponding information from the oldest historians from the Club Handbook 1899, Wood 1905, The Mate 1906, Jones 1920, Bushranger 1934 and Hayter 1948 as well as unique facts from more recent historians. In addition, there is also additional information from early Handbooks, Fixture lists, and Tickets (like season tickets).

The ambition is to be able to expand with more pages. Being able to identify players on the oldest team photos would be great. It's a long-term project where more basic material in the form of personal photos of the 19th centuary players needs to be found.

Actually, this research could have been compiled in a printed edition, but new information is added all the time often that means change conclusions. This makes it best to leave the material open in a editable web publication.

There are also a few extra pages about a bit of each, some with a wink.

The news clips are sourced via the British Newspaper Archive. Date and newspaper is indicated. I have used drawn football jerseys from Historic football Kits I have also supplemented jerseys, by my own drawn in the same style.

For the chapter "QPR Matches 1888-1899", I have mainly used statistics produced by Kenneth Westerlund, Helsinki, Finland.
Source at The original source include dates, opponents, result, goalscorees.
I have received good views and responses from Peter Lungström, Nynäshamn, Sweden. This has led to corrections and notices about, e.g. the runners' element in QPR's history and White City's ambitions to get a football team to the arena (article 620000 at White City Stadium).
I was given Wood's home address by Francis Peacock which allowed me to better locate Woods in the census and other lengths.

When working with large amounts of data, it’s inevitable that there will be errors in individual details. It could be typos or factual errors. I am grateful when you notice inaccuracies, you can send me an email.

Uppsala, 12 January 2023
/ Lars

Update Log

16 August 2023
Information on year of birth and place of residence has been corrected for Club Secretary W. L. Wood. The player table and map on the page: Complicated merger issue has been corrected and the text about Woods on the St Judes Institute page has been improved.

16 May 2023
Grounds, Harvist Road, West Kilburn

7 May 2023
Grounds, with new figures

Some corrections here and there

12 January 2023
New chapter:
The Complicated Merger Issue

Christ Church Rangers (map)

QPR Extended Badge, explanations

5 December 2022
New chapter
The Origin and St Jude's Institute

14 November 2022
New Update Log
Matches: Corrections of the statistics. Commented text added.